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Okay, okay. Enough about stereotyping! Scene is just a label. Most scene kids are gorgeous and have amazing hair! If you don't have cute hair, get it! Some scenesters come up with unique ideas to do to their hair, like dyeing your bangs turquoise or framing your hair around their face. Most scene girls wear alot of eyeliner and eyeshadow, but if you want you can tone it down. Many scene kids are afraid of being labelled because people WILL call them a poser, but if you want to label yourself, that's fine! Just don't go around earth shouting 'look at my Skrillex teeshirt, piercings, and hair! Aren't I so scene?'
Scene girl:
•Listens to a variety of music
•Has unique and creative ideas for hair, clothing, and tattoos
•Has a couple piercings
•Has alot of twitter/instagram/tumblr followers (around 500-100K usually)
•Has alot of facebook friends
•Looks good
•Has friends of many labels
•Has a wide range of hobbies

Scene poser girl:
•Only listens to dubstep, screamo, and alternative
•Copies scene queens

•Buys fake piercings and acts like they're real or complain about how her parents won't let her get real ones
•Has very few followers (100 or less after a year)
•Has 4,671 friends on facebook but only hangs out with 2
•Wears too much makeup and dresses slutty
•Only hangs out with scene kids
•Sits on facebook, tumblr, etc. all day
•Tries too hard to be random/ shouts 'Flying purple fire pandas!' every few seconds
•Still gets on myspace
•Buys merchandise for bands they can't name several songs by
by OhshootItsKass August 13, 2012

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