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The all-day block party in the legendary GHETTO (student neighborhood) at the University of Dayton, Ohio. Founded in 1978,the largest university student neighborhood in the country shuts down Lowes Street for an all day mind-blowing college block party. It is a common rule that every house on Lowes street must provide (at the very least)the amount of kegs equal to the last number of their address. Generally, houses go way above and beyond that rule as UD students are notoriously known for drinking outsiders "under the table". Lowesfest reached its Peak in the early 90s when the metropolitan city of Dayton's entire police force could not keep the college students in check. The party here became so infamous it was even featured on David Letterman. The event has currently been banned in the past 4 years.
- lowesfest
by Ohio Herald January 09, 2009

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