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A man or woman who will not have sex without a condom in order to prevent the potential transmission of herpes.
Marsha, don't be such a "herpaphobe", It's 4am and I refuse to re-use the condom that you had up your ass yesterday.
#herpes #herpaphobic #std #condom #phobic #phobia
by Oh-zOne July 09, 2011
1. The use of a hallucinogenic drug with trusted safe friends.
2. The use of a lesser dose of a hallucinogen in order to avoid having a bad trip or overdose.
3. A voyage without complication from injury, stress, or drama.
After going to the concert with her creepy boy friend last year, Heather OD'd and spent the night in the emergency room. This year, we'll make sure that she has a SAFE TRIP.
#trip #psychedelic #good trip #hallucenogen #bad trip #acid #voyage
by Oh-zOne September 07, 2011
What happened to Kris Humphries after 72 days of marriage to Kim Kardashian.
The country boy woke up and found his date and wallet missing after a passionate night of love-making. "She said that she loved me, but I guess I just got HO-sed."
#ho #kim kardashian #kardashian #divorce #marriage #kris humphries
by Oh-zone November 02, 2011
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