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possibly one of the best musicians ever in the 70s. Liv Tyler's godfather and for a little while Liv Tyler's father, before her mother decided it was Steven Tyler's kid.
guy: i've never heard of Todd Rundgren *immediatley gets bitch slaped*
by oh you know January 25, 2005
A person that can drink and drink and drink, an automatic responce when seeing alcohol is to drink it. Or an extreme drunk
Kathleen is a lushomatic to the extreme
by OH YOU KNOW May 04, 2004
Hmm.. what to say.. he's hot sometimes
he randomly makes out with people at schristmas parties
by oh you know March 29, 2005
a group of the phattest cats around. they go and eat burttios while talkin about problems with their bitches. no lame-os allowed.
Daniel: Can Megan come?
Chipotle Club: Damn son, whats the deal?
Stevo: I like Real Madrid.
Chip and Daniel: YOU FUCKING NAZI
by oh you know February 23, 2005

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