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2 definitions by Oh No She Didn't

Also known as Chris Pine, the actor who plays Captain James Tiberius ("that's the worst!") Kirk in the 2009 reboot film of Star Trek. He used to co-star in cutesy romcoms with Lindsay Lohan and Anne Hathaway, but has since upgraded his profile. Now he spends his time being an intergalactic badass and engaging in bromantics with Zachary Quinto.

Will also respond to C. Fine and Captain Fine.
Guy: The new Star Trek is awesome! Especially that new guy, Chris Pine.

Girl: The man's name is Chris FINE, motherfucka. Don't get it twisted.
by Oh No She Didn't June 08, 2009
The nickname for the romantic relationship between Taylor Lautner, of Twilight fame, and Taylor Swift, country songstress. A relationship inferior in cosmic importance to Robsten (Rob Pattinson + Kristen Stewart), as it is less likely to make rabid Twilight fans foam at the mouth and fly into mass, ecstatic frenzy.

AKA Squint Squared... for obvious reasons.
"Aww look, TayTay. They're cute together."

"Too bad nobody cares cause the world revolves around Robsten."
by Oh No She Didn't December 13, 2009