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Stupid Jack-ass that feels less superior than others so he must come up with some way to make them look bad. Most common lables: Prep, Punk, Slut, Loser, Poser, Goth. (Punk and Goth are lables if wrongfully used.)
That stupid man over there called me a slut. What a labler!
by Oh Great Happy One June 10, 2003
Some one who, at this school system, is smelly, skanky, loserish, trashy, or just down right dirty.

Strangly named so for you'd think that if they were dirty they would be called the 'need to scrubs'. Perhaps it is just because they need to. The world may never know.
Josh T. Has worn that outfit all week. And he smells like a garbage can that has been decomposing for the last too years. What a scrub!
by Oh Great Happy One June 10, 2003

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