14 definitions by Ogaiy

A very popular dish in england often partaken on toast however i personally am not a fan of this substance and think it tastes rank
Beans on toast all round
me: No thanks
by ogaiy June 18, 2003
when the world turns its back on you, and when life deals you unfair cards.
the time it takes for aladdin and jasmine to finally get married.
by ogaiy June 15, 2003
the outward part of the kidney - contains the glomerulus and the bowmans capsule
by ogaiy June 07, 2003
To make someone look really bad to someone else
She got slated in the press
by ogaiy June 07, 2003
Isnt that the place Phoebes boyfriend went in friends
by ogaiy June 07, 2003
my name, so dont take the piss
hi flossy
by ogaiy June 07, 2003

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