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Arguably one of the greatest actors of all time. Dropped out of acting in 1999 to pursue his karate career. Starred in one of the undisputed top 10 films of all time, The Paperboy (1994). Known for classic quotes such as, "No! It was supposed to be us, the family!", and "Oh, she broke her neck. She's going to be a paraplegic from now on."
1. Marc Marut is my hero.
2. Tom Hanks and Denzel Washington are great actors but they don't come close to Marc Marut.
by Officer Wanta February 07, 2008
One of the top 10 greatest actors of all time. Starred in Ice Cream Man(1995) which received great reviews from newspapers and critics around the nation. Also has made appearances in Waterboy, That Thing You Do, and Apollo 13. Known for one of the most classic movie quotes of all time, "You're Ice Cream."
1. That is one of my favorites movies because Clint Howard makes a 5 second cameo.
by Officer Wanta February 07, 2008
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