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Haliburton is a place in Ontario, Canada, where all the insane people live. It's also very sexual. There are approximately four stores in the entire town. Everybody knows everybody else, and overall it's pretty shitty.
-Where do you live?
-Haliburton, Ontario.
-That's pretty shitty.
-And sexual.
by Officer #doubleoheleventeen April 19, 2009
A type of collar that involves a chain, where when you pull the leash it tightens up. That chokes the dog so they're more inclined to listen to you instead of getting choked again.

3OH!3 are fond of this device, as it helps then control their Pit Bull Lane.
I got a chokechain, ch-ch-chokechain.
by Officer #doubleoheleventeen June 21, 2009
The thing 3OH!3 have a chokechain for. They also have a shock collar for their Rottweiler.
I got a chokechain for my pit bull lane, I got a shock collar for my Rottweiler.
by Officer #doubleoheleventeen June 20, 2009

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