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Used to describe a state of complete chaos within a restaurant, usually because of a massive dinner rush, holiday, or lack of staff.
Can you get me an extra side of ranch dressing?

Fuck you, this place is slamfucked.
by OfficeBoi July 23, 2009
The aqueous substance that is the result water being added to a miniscule amount of shampoo remaining in the bottle to make use of that last little bit and extend the amount of time before more needs to be purchased.
Will you please pick up some Herbal Essences at the store today? I've been washing my hair with fuggin shampiss all week.
by OfficeBoi May 01, 2011
When a horror film quickly jump cuts to a close up, usually paired with a large sound.
I'm pissed that Paramount changed the ending of Paranormal Activity to a shock shot. The internet original wrapped up everything so nicely...no room for them to run the series into the ground.
by OfficeBoi December 13, 2010
A blowjob performed by a black woman who grew up on food stamps.
Man, it wasn't very good, but I got some hooddome coming back from the b-ball game.
by OfficeBoi June 29, 2009
When you bring your high back to normal. Its meaning is derived from music, as in to tune down a high note.
"Oh jeez I can't even fuckin walk after that blunt, I need to tunedown"
by OfficeBoi December 31, 2014

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