2 definitions by Oe98

1. Slang word meaning "heterosexual" or "straight person."

2. Gays' reverse usage of "gay" (the deragatory term) as a means of getting "even" with heterosexuals using the deragatory term. (see gay)
1. What are you, a gay or a het?

2. That movie was so het I had to leave the theater.
by oe98 April 15, 2009
A "1" with a googolplex of zeroes following it.

The largest number with a name, no exceptions.
((1 x 10^100)((1 x 10^100)(1 x 10^100)))

The googolplexian is humanity's largest number with a name... I guess they got tired of googolplexian-one....
by Oe98 March 14, 2010

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