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4 definitions by Odhran Kelly

In the workplace: excessive micro-managing; extensive list making in order to create the illusion of order/profitability. Just plain foolishness.
"Any instances of Bovinity while I was on lunch?"
"mmm, a few..."
"That Pimplestilskin has GOT TO GO."
by Odhran Kelly March 22, 2004
This word may be substituted for any word, phrase or sentence. Cf MarklarOrigin: An inscrutable item requested in a bookshop by someone with a funny accent.
"You What?"
by Odhran Kelly March 22, 2004
One who is short-statured and bepimpled.
"Is Pimplestilskin about?"
"No, she's on lunch"
by odhran kelly March 22, 2004
She who watches over Bovine * and her kind as they flounder and wallow in their own inanity.

*See Bovinity
We are Bovine;
Bow down to the Boverlord.
by odhran kelly March 28, 2004