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A ternary logic used when you are dealing with three equally unpleasant alternatives rather than two; the third (gripping) hand being dominant or determinative. Expression common among sci fi geeks and computer people.

From a science fiction novel entitled "The Mote In God's Eye" where an intelligent alien race has evolved with two minor arms (with fine fingers for work) on their right and one larger (gripping) arm with three strong fingers on their left.
On the one hand, Obama's a knucklehead and I can't stand him. On the other hand, he still has a lot of people who thinks he walks on water. On the gripping hand, we only have to put up with him for two more years, so we shouldn't bother to try to impeach him.
by Odgred Weary November 22, 2010
To write a story on a web site (the more respectable and prominent the better) that is complete and abject bullshit. From a famous incident involving Slate magazine where a writer wrote a story positing a sport involving fishing rods, oranges and simians, and (surprise!) it all turned out to be fabricated.
Obama is really the love child of Raquel Welch and Sammy Davis Junior? Interesting theory, but I think you're monkeyfishing.
by Odgred Weary October 18, 2010

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