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1 definition by Oddmanic

Annoying hippie type, usually raised as a spoiled brat who uses big words recycled from university text books. While these individuals can appear to be of above-average intelligence they tend to slip when challenged by people with superior intuition. Often describing themselves as being 'epic', they excuse their own shortcomings by regurgitating philosophy and liberal studies.

Pseudo intellectualism is a common hindrance requiring immediate sterilization to insure absolute nullification.
He slept with my recent ex-girlfriend and told me that compassion means allowing love to find it's own way home. He's an asshole. He's a pseudo intellectual.

Hi. I am Christian. My name is epic. I use words I only partially understand. I pretend I understand things like philosophy and Buddhism. I do this because I am a pseudo intellectual.
by Oddmanic March 04, 2011
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