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1. The excessive use of CGI (Computer Generated Images) in a poorly written film, generally with dizzying special visual effects.

2. The garish bastardization of Maya; using a highly revered and sophisticated program on a simple and cheesy movie to boost profit (sometimes from excitable children).
At the premier of Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith everyone was excited, but after the "has love blinded you" scene along with the numerous transitions of spaceships landing, a fan dressed as a Jedi screamed "What the fuck with the CGI Porn, Lucas?"
by OddEdges February 01, 2006
1. Militantly opposed to religious bullshit(ers) and their prolongation of human conflict and lack of moral concern.

2. The philosophy that irrational organizations of theist doctrine have in their own sacred names raped, pillaged, tortured, burned, hypnotized, vandalized, tyrannized, politicized, suicided, martyred, murdered, infected, rejected, fucked-over and fucked-up the mind/body/spirit/brain/science and all of humanity throughout it's bloody old history of dogma and faith are devastating and ugly.

3. The logical view one attains when his mind has become free to think any taboo ideas.
Antitheism is when you grow up and cut the imaginary friends crap.
by oddedges September 10, 2006

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