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2 definitions by Odd Martin

A metaly unstable state of mind induced by prolonged exposure to math. Can result in attacks, loud outburst, and even singing evey thing you say.
Its a serious condition, be carefull with math.
While studing for math exams you start singing the quadratic formula..

Start screaming profanities.
math mode
by odd martin January 23, 2010
A hybrid human/bat creature popular in many horror movies. It roams usually in caves but can be seen at night outside, never in daylight, you will never get a good look at it. Sometimes can be easily fooled because of lack of eye sight, relies almost completely on its echolocation hearing. No hair, and usually has a light pale grey skin complextion. They can start out as humans that were genticly mutated.
They are after you with the soul purpose of feeding on your delicious flesh.

The Decent is one of the many movies starring Bumans as the protagionist, you can get a small look at them, but not for long. Along with the Burrowers.

Note: They can not fly like bats, just climb and jump really well.

Jeepers Creepers is not considered a buman but in a distant family catagory.
"Man theres Bumans everywhere!"
"That Buman looks like a ninty year old man with cancer."

"After I watched that movie, I have to bumanize my locker."
by Odd Martin November 15, 2009