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n. One who engages in the running of routes at all times. i.e. Going out to hook up with morally casual ladies. A true route runner never takes a play off, and understands that the game never stops. Routes can be run via text, facebook, phone, or in person. However, routes are never run on MySpace.

1. to run crisp, full speed routes: to put on a move breaking through double coverage; to avoid a linebacker dropping into coverage; to wear down the opposing DB through the use of continual full speed play or through the use of multiple game changers.
2. one who looks for one on one coverage from a db with a weakness you know you can exploit, such as a disappointing previous romantic history, low self-esteem, or unhealthy need for approval. "Daddy Issues" are a route runners greatest ally.

3. a team of route runners knows that multiple routes run in the same area of the field can overwhelm the coverage and virtually ensure success
These are some solid route runners out tonight. Newt is in the corner running six slants at once on his phone, while Perry is running a solid "in and out" on the crazy chick on the dance floor. And look over there. Dre Bly is running a deep hook on my ex...
by OchoCinco December 03, 2007
n. a Jagerbomb, also referred to as a JB smooth,
consists of dropping a shot of jagermeister into a glass of red bull and can improve one's game dramatically
Look at the ladies who just walked in. Time for a game changer.
by OchoCinco December 03, 2007
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