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1 definition by Obviouslynotcameron

The nicest, most gorgeous girl you will ever meet. She has an amazing personality and if you see her it will be love at first site. She makes every guy feel like the most important guy in the world when she is with them. She is extremely smart, athletic, humble, and is very outgoing. She is a small town girl, with very good core values. Also, very good at soccer. If you find a Marguerite, hold onto her forever. She is very compatible with boys named Cameron, and only Cameron's. His family will love her from the moment they meet her. If a Cameron and a Marguerite ever meet, they mustn't ever stray, for they are soul mates. (Most often Marguerite is her middle name)
Boy: Hey who is that extremely gorgeous, athletic, nice girl over there?

Cameron: Her name is Marguerite, but she's with me.
by Obviouslynotcameron August 11, 2013