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1 definition by Observant Londoner

A male who thinks they are fashionable but actually looks like a massive pork sword swallower. Usually very skinny and pale, wearing skin tight jeans with no space for the junk, overly tight clothing, ridiculous cardigan, 'fashionable' glasses like Clark Kent (when they don't even require glasses) and usually topped off with a ridiculous hat, pointy shoes and shit longish haircut. Commonly found in parts of London, in particular, Islington, Camden or Shoreditch.

Quendo is Spanish for gay..
I'm not going to Shoreditch for a while. It's full of too many fucking quendos..

Mate take that Cardigan off, it's proper quendoish..

Simon Crouch dresses like a quendo..

Bought myself some quendowear today to fit in with the quendos in Shoreditch
by Observant Londoner June 24, 2010