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I love people wo think that homer invented jeebus, you're all so cute. i congratulate the people who say frank zappa, buy I have to tell y'all it was used by Duke Ellington (1930's jazz writer/singer) in a throwback to his catholic school days. He used it instead of jesus so that the nuns couldn't beat him, or whatever it is that angry nuns do. he used it instead of jesus for the rest of his life, which is where zappa probably found it.
Jebus loves you all!
by Obscure facts man! February 23, 2005
*Something bad enough to send people in to canada!
*Responsible for the biggest american split since the civil war.
*Not to be misunderestimated.
*Case study for pro-abortion.
*Hitler II
*The greatest genius of our time. Duuuuhhh.....*dribble*
Every single time he opens his mouth...
by Obscure facts man! February 23, 2005

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