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A whining, depressed, self defeatist. Best used by Transformers fans, or Transfans, because the king emobot was Rodimus Prime.
Man, did you hear Rodimus talking to himself how he'll never live up to Optimus Prime? What an emobot
by ObiJay September 09, 2003
A combination of two deragorty terms, Fag, for being gay, stupid, etcetera, and mort, an extremely nerdy loser
Dude, did you see that spill Brian took off his bike? What a fagmort.

Man, that fagmort Chris Claremont is still writing shitty books.
by ObiJay April 04, 2003
A large projectile vomit, which his music causes.
"Damn dude, you just horfed a Timberlake"
by ObiJay August 01, 2003

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