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2 definitions by OarNahom

When you wake up (usually early) in the morning to go to work/school, and you can't help but think life blows, and that you'd rather stay in bed all day.
6:00 AM- Alarm goes off
Person: (experiencing Morning Angst) Ughhhhh fuck life..... i wanna sleep
by OarNahom March 21, 2011
The (often awkward) break in an online conversation that occurs after someone references and/or asks something which you have no idea about. The break lasts as long as it takes you to google search the aforementioned 'something' and (usually) click on the wikipedia article for it and skim-read the first paragraph or so. After the break, you proceed to pretend there was no break in the conversation, and you attempt to pass your newfound knowledge off as something you've known for ages.
Person A: Hey man, don't you love the song shutterbug?
Person B: (Bullshitting) Yeah man totally!
Person A: Who's it by again?
-Google Pause-
Person B: Uhhhhh Big Boi obviously! How could you not know that.....
by OarNahom March 03, 2011