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The worst city in Bristol Co. Massachusetts, and one of the worst in the state. True, Fall Reev sucks, too, but at least there's some fucking schools and nature for kids who want to escape gangs and drugs, goddamn it. New Bedford isn't nearly as dangerous as people claim, however, if you don't buy or sell drugs. 93.8% of everyone bitching about being "victimized" is a dirty motherfucker who had it coming.

Lulz all over "every black guy has a gun and every white kid gets jumped" bullshit. Anybody who has ever lived in the South Side and isn't a bitch knows better. Cats on Ruth Street are mostly white ass fucking GDs (with a few black dudes and Ricans thrown in), and the crew that runs Rivet/Crapo are also some pale ass motherfucking GDs. The Gs that run South First are mostly Puerto Rican GDs. The only overwhelmingly black gangs in the city are Monte's Park, in the South End, and United Front in the West End. Anyone who claims otherwise is a straight up mark, plain and simple.

The other major gangs in the city reside in the "north" end close to downtown; the areas around Beetle St., Bullard St., Ashley Blvd. south of Brooklawn, Presidential Heights, Brickenwood, and Nashmont are mostly run by ALKN with some Ă‘etas thrown in for flavor. They are largely Hispanic, but in the New Beige (eh, guy!), the ALKN has a lot of Portugee, white, and black members, as well.

New Bedford does have some decent looking bitches with round, fat asses, and a whole lot of ethnic diversity. Everyone knows the Fort is what's good... safe during the day for families, and crazy at night for parties. Nobody enters Battery Milliken without a flashlight, some steel, and a dime. There are also at least 72 Dunkins in New Beige. 908 is alright if you don't feel like going to Boston or Providence. Grab some friends and flirt with the sweet mamis everywhere you go and you'll forget all about the guy next door selling D or the kid who got shot down the street last week. New B isn't all bad, kid!
DEA or INS Agent- "How do you get to New Bedford?"

Resident Masshole - "First you have to push the shaft aside, then lift the sack. Continue south until you find the brown star... enter and you're in the Beige."
by O_Corajoso April 09, 2009

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