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Name for a nasty slutty girl in which the STD's she has have combined to turn her vagina into a meat eating beast. The vagina grows teeth, eyes, a tounge and squeels as it opens up. It resembles the Predators head from the movie Predator. A Penis Eater or P.E. can be symbolized or signaled by putting the hands next to ones mouth and wiggle the fingers around the mouth while squeeling. The P.E. also had the smell of rotting flesh.
Jim-Those two nasty ho's are P.E.
Jim-Ya they got Penis Eaters.
Tim- Oh hell no I'm not tapping that
by OTTER333 October 05, 2009
Dome (oral sex) so good its magical, like a Gnome. Gnome rhymes with dome so thats why its used. Its a magical experience to recieve gnome dome, one that few rarely experience.
Otter: I gotta get that Gnome Dome
Nick: Wtf are you talkin' about
Otter: Dome so good its magical
by OTTER333 December 01, 2009

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