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1 definition by ONLYLIVETWICE

Being real with yourself and to all reality.

The understanding that you are the supreme and that no one amounts to your greatness.

When used in a phrase, "Be Real", you are showing your true justification to defecate onto someones face. This is because you understand that you are real and that they are fake on instances regarding life.

Exxx. 1
Girl: I can't believe we had sex last night...I have a bf.

Guy: Be Real bitch, last night you didn't know your bf's name.

Girl: What the hell?! You didn't give me the $30000000 purse I wanted!!

Guy: Be real cunt...you aren't that good in bed.

Girl: Baby, take me to that concert you've been talking about for months.

Guy: Bitch, be real, the tickets are only free, and you ain't worth it.

Exxx 4:

Angela: IF you build this doghouse for me ill buy you Katz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dillon and Josh: Bitch, Be REAL! You ain't worth it cunt ho bitch slut....but its free food so, FUCK IT!!!!
by ONLYLIVETWICE November 30, 2008