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Though the freshman definition provided above may suffice, it takes a senior to express the full nature of the pathetic word, "Mazier."

1. One who sucks so bad at teaching that any kid in her class could teacher better than her.

2. One who demonstrates a complete and thorough lack of any knowledge related to one's ostensible subject area.

3. One whose lack of knowledge reveals itself in one's inability to provide a structured learning environment.

4. One who consistently demonstrates an entirely inappropriate knowledge of computer and/or Internet skills.

5. One whose disorganization causes one to spill one's coffee-bean beverage all over the randomly distributed sloppy mess of papers lying on what is usually referred to as a "desk."
Numbers below correspond with the varied instances of use of the term "Mazier."

1. The Mazier agreed with the present Administration (i.e. "kissed their ass", realizing that that was the only possible way to hold onto the Mazier's job.

2. The Mazier asked to a student twenty-five years younger than her, "Do I capitalize the phrase, 'human genome'?"


2. The Mazier, upon being honestly questioned by a student that possesses a thirst of knowledge of biology far surpassing her own the defintion of the term "vesicle," was clueless.

3. The Mazier, having spent most of the year "teaching" students what amounted to 50% of the biology test, rushed through the remaining 50% in less than four weeks.

4. The Mazier could not organize the Mazier's online course documents in order, much to the irritation of the sensible students.

5. The Mazier is an all-around useless teacher.
by OMGWTFLOL!-ED! March 27, 2004
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