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Reverse Titty-Fuck with Ball Gobble.

A man straddles a woman's face and fucks the cleavage between the tits while the woman simultaneously gobbles the man's balls.
At the hotel, we demonstrated RTFWBG in the conference center, pool, lobby, room 213, and during the Continental Breakfast.

An instant classic, you'll be sure to try again and again.
by OMGWTFBBQ22 February 17, 2008
An automobile that has severe acute chronic problems with all aspects of its existence. Cosmetically the paint is poor, the seats are shitty, the suspension makes horrible noises. At any speeds above 55 a j-hoopidy complains like a jewish mother who just payed $12.50 to see The Passion of the Christ. Functionally the car works as transportation but as far as style points a jankedy-ass-hoopidy has none.
Fred's jankedy-ass-hoopidy is so rusty, stinky, and noisy its a wonder how he bags even a fat chick. Just breathe on his car wrong and the paint peels.
by OMGWTFBBQ22 July 27, 2009
Bitch, suck my dick.

"s my d" is commonly used as an abbreviation for suck my dick, b is sometimes used in place of bitch, hence bsmd=bitch, suck my dick.
—You little perv, you were looking down my shirt weren't you?
—Hell no! Don't accuse me!
—Leave me alone perv
by omgwtfbbq22 March 26, 2007
1.When a girl surprises a guy by saying she is pregnant with his child, and using a blue preggo-test stick as evidence.
In "Knocked Up" she pulled a Blue Stick Special on his ass.
by OMGWTFBBQ22 August 16, 2007
The product of two gentlemen's flatulence in a confined area. The SuperFart happens when one gentlemen needs to fart, and he informs the other what he is about to do, and the other tells him he will also fart, to ease the worry of wether or not he will stink up the confined area. They fart in unison, and the confined area becomes a supermassive fartgas cloud in which the article encyclopediadramatica.com/Kittens was born.

See Brappy.
SuperFart! It's a Good Idea!

by OMGWTFBBQ22 March 16, 2008
1. When a dorm room becomes so humid, hot, messy, and odorous that it is impossible to tell if it's a dormitory or a conservatory, as if an animal was living there.

2. When a person becomes so introverted and attached to their dorm, they are rarely seen outside their natural dormitat.
1. Stephanie let her dorm get so messy through semester 1, it became her natural dormitat, complete with moss, fungus, and her offspring.

2. Herbert was so into his studies, he was nicknamed Panda because he was never seen outside his bamboo-decorated dormitat.
by OMGWTFBBQ22 April 09, 2009
Similar to an A-B conversation, (so C yourself out) but more serious in nature.

Can also be used when the two conversing have names starting with D and E respectively.
-Donald: So I was about to pull an RTFWBG on the bitch when...
-Evan: This is a D-E Conversation so F YOU!!!
by OMGWTFBBQ22 July 21, 2009

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