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cs188 is your guy for music video poop. He is a newcomer in the Youtube Poop industry. Pooping famous bands like Katy Perry saying " Butt Secks," or " Golden Shower " He is like walrusguy using dirty jokes in videos. His most popular poop is of course Justin Bieber : YTP Justin Bieber Gets Pregnant By Anal Penetration
Most famous Poops by CS188

YTP Justin Bieber Gets Pregnant By Anal Penetration

" Jizz right in my eyes "
" Penis Penis ahhhhhhh Penis Penis Penis NOOOOOO"
" You know I f*cked you right in your ass"

YTP Train Derails And Hits Justin Bieber

" I hate Justin Bieber "
" I dream I shit in Justin Biebers Face "
" I want the world to see your sweet bOObies"

And a bunch more by CS188
by OMG LAN HAX! January 04, 2011

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