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A Killer Light is an alcoholic beverage similar to a Turbo Corona created by Travis Scribner of Las Vegas, Nevada at the now defunct Hurricane Bar and Grill on Bermuda Road. It is on a slow rise to fame thanks to Mr. Scribner and his friend who was present at it's conception, John Payne, who have travelled the country introducing bartenders and patrons to this super charged beer.

It is made with Miller Lite and vodka. To make it, simply take a bottle of Miller Lite and either drink the neck or pour it out into another glass. Then replace the missing amount of beer with a shout or pour of vodka, preferably top shelf. Put your thumb over the top and invert the bottle so the vodka and beer get an even mixture. Drink, enjoy and get fucked up!
"Hey bartender, lemme get a round of Killer Lite's"
by OMFRD May 16, 2009

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