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Referring to 80's glam cover band in the James M. Hill High School production "Back to the 80's".

Playing renowned hit's such as:
B-52's -Love shack
Bon Jovi - Shot through the heart
Kenny Loggins - Footloose
Wham! - Jitterbug
Gun's N Roses - Sweet Child of mine

Lead Vocals: Kortni Ann Nicols
Guitar: Taylor Sheasgreen & Aaron Malley
Bass: Grant Carson
Drums & Back up vocals on love shack: Chase Nicols

Seeing how this band is so amazing it's hard to believe that they could be taught by any one person but in fact they were instructed by a legendary guitar player: Jeremy Bourque. He pulled together a group of youngsters to form a super group.
Memorable event's in Babar (band) history:
The day Grant wasn't there and everything went to shit!
by OKGO! January 04, 2010
A person in control of a situation, the P can stand for a various things, usually poop or pants or both at the same time. As in some one wearing the pants in a relationship. Usually it's referring to a female, usually a hussie or trollop

It also could be referring to the lead singer of 80's glam rock cover band Babar.
1) General P control your poop army!
2) I think General P wears the pants in that relationship.
3) She's a regular General poopy pants
by OKGO! January 04, 2010
1)When you are in front of a crowd of people performing (Preferably playing Metallica) and you want the crowd to clap.

2)If your having a good time and want to let every one know it.

It also should be yelled and with a continuous clapping motion over the head.

From the Latin: "Let's clap" and the German: "Yo"
1) "Let's clap YO!!!"

2) "I'm really drunk!! Let's clap YO!!!!"

3) I'm going to go sink the dink, Let's clap YO!!!"
by OKGO! January 04, 2010
Used to tell someone there crazy, insane or plainly out of there mind. Usually when someone falls off the turnip trolley they are considered insane, sane people on the other hand would be on the turnip trolley.


The Canadian: Turnip and Jewish: Trolley
1) When did you fall off the turnip trolley?!
2) You must of just fell off the turnip trolley?
3) Go back to the turnip trolley you fell off you silly bitch.
4) Oh my god, I must of just fell of the turnip trolley.
by OKGO! January 04, 2010
1)A word used to describe anything cool, exciting, enjoyable ect.
2)Also used to insult people.
3)Also can replace words in a sentence or can be divided in a sentence.

Derived from the Latin Oom Bee and the Roman Bah Bee

Also see: "Let's clap yo" "Sheasgreen on drums" "OK GO!" or "sinking the dink"
1) OH MY GOD That's so Oom bee bah bee
2) Your being a total Oom bee bah bee
3)Did you see that guitar solo, Oom bee bah bee
4)Hey Oom bee, fuck your bah bee
5) I love the Oom bee in this Bah bee
by OKGO! January 04, 2010
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