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2 definitions by OJ1

From the beginning of the film 300 when reject babies are tossed off the cliff as they don't meet the rigorous Spartan standard.
Can be used as a general insult or specifically in relation to twats that think they are Spartans.

If someone says SPARTA! loudly, implying that they are a Spartan warrior or just generally trying to big themselves up then you reply...

Shut it cliff baby

Your mamma tossed you from the cliff
by OJ1 January 04, 2008
12 5
A foul, rank smelling substance, even worse than bong water. Thick in consistency. Reeks of the stench of blood, sweat, tears and sometimes a little poop.

Rogers' breath smells of Rape Juice!
She has Rape Juice leaking out of her batty.

by OJ1 January 04, 2008
4 28