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1 definition by OHAITHARRRRRR

A German alternative rock band consisting of 4 male members:
Bill Kaulitz - Vocals
Tom Kaulitz - Guitar
Georg Listing - Bass guitar
Gustav Schaefer - Drums

No, they are not an emo band.
No, the lead singer is not a girl.
No, the lead singer is not gay.

Like all good bands, they have 3 major types of followers:

Normal fans - Who actually care more for their music rather than their looks, but still may/may not think the members look good.
Fangirls - Who obsess over them like creeps and ruin it for everyone else by liking them only for their looks.
Haters - Who claim that they "hate" them yet obsess over them like creeps.
Tokio Hotel is a band made up of a tranny, a wigger, a dwarf, and a nerd that get more girls in a night than you will in a lifetime!

Normal fan: Tokio Hotel has good music and the Kaulitz twins are very sexy :)
Fangirl: oMG lyke T0Ki0 H0tEl izz friicking t0t3z 0z!! LyK3 BiLL is friiiicking h0000tt...
Hater: Tokio Hotel is gay. See, I spent 3 hours Photoshopping this picture of Bill to show my hatred for them. I will now go print it out and stick it to my wall so I can stare at it all day. I did not print it out so I could stare at Bill's hotness, I did it because I hate him.
by OHAITHARRRRRR November 26, 2010