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3 definitions by OG Pueblo

The act of punching a woman in the abdominal region after performing anal intercourse; causing a large volume of human waste to be thrust out in a liquid form.
I was fucking Cindy last night and I decided to give her the old Muddy River. Sadly, I had to get new sheets.
by OG Pueblo September 25, 2007
The act of inserting a piece of bread, meat, or cheese between the cheeks of someone's ass, including your own, with the direct intention of feeding it to someone too drunk to notice.
That fat bitch was so drunk I gave her an ass sandwich.
by OG Pueblo September 25, 2007
The feeling one experiences when a noticeable form of intoxication is present in ones mind. This change in the head could be from smoking either marijuana or tobacco.
Man I smoked a Kuba and got some serious head change.
by OG Pueblo September 26, 2007