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A word devisted by Planet Sound head honcho John Earls, in a 2/10 review for Boy Kill Boy.
Methinks the word "twunt" is the only way you can get close to calling members of BKB a twat and a cunt without being fired...
by OD Smith December 07, 2009
More proof, if needed, that Ross Robinson was born to manage boy bands, as opposed to something remotely alternative.

Just because they're nine blokes in masks and boiler suits doesn't mean they're better than four guys without, especially if you actually listen to their frankly dreadful lyrics (examples: "Fuck it all, fuck this world, fuck everything that you stand for" and "People = Shit" repeated six or seven times).

In other words, rather than use real emotion behind their music, they just hide behind a facade of fake anger where shouting "fuck" a lot apparently means something, especially in the exact same seethe/shout/roar song structure they use time and again. No wonder the main part of their fanbase is 14 years old...
(When trying to enter an over 18's rock club) "Is that a Slipknot t-shirt you're wearing? Right, show me your ID." The kid gets sent home soon after.
by OD Smith March 08, 2005
The sound of somebody asking for a slap.
I'm so clever and funny because I can regurgitate catchphrases from Little Britain!!!
by OD Smith February 23, 2005
1. Overrated, unfunny shite that uses the same jokes every week - in fact, the same joke for several characters. And it manages to rip off The Fast Show and The League of Gentleman without being as funny as either.

2. This week's "Greatest British Comedy Creation" (TM)

3. A couple of chancers (see above).
Anyone that recites one of the crappy catchphrases ad nauseum...
by OD Smith February 16, 2005
People who have been taken in by the hype surrounding Pete Doherty and every non-band he occasionally bothers to make uninspiring music with, when not busy making a twat out of himself at great length.
Liberteenies: The acolytes at the cult of Pete Doherty.
Liberteenies: The only people who don't point out that Pete Doherty doesn't even have the balls to overdose like a real rockstar.
by OD Smith May 18, 2007
The latest in a long line of using a date to signify a terrorist attack, making the journalists job easier as they have shorthand...but misses the point entirely.

The reason? How can two dozen men being arrested on suspicion of looking Arabic be at all related to 3000 people being killed on 9/11? There was no attack, so therefore the term is meaningless, journalistic slang that led to paranoid airport security.

The fact that, a month on, those not released quietly are being held on not giving evidence of a terror attack is quite fishy, don't you think?
Journo 1: "The police are trying to appear important by randomly arresting two dozen people without evidence, and can't get their story straight!"
Journo 2: "Quick, in order to make it easier and scare the readers into buying our paper for the way forward, give it a date. What's today's date?"
Journo 1: "10th August, 2006."
Journo 2: "10/8 it is, then!"
by OD Smith September 16, 2006
A rarely exercised rule in football where it doesn't matter if a player is committing common assault on the goalkeeper (which is known in the rulebook as a "foul"), the headed goal is legitimate because an England player scored from it - because, as we all know, England deserve to win every match they'r ein because they'r ebetter than everyone. Any referee that doesn't know this is obviously a complete idiot that cannot do his job properly, and therefore deserving of death threats.
Sol Campbell vs Argentina, 1998.
Sol Campbell vs Portugal, 2004.
by OD Smith March 22, 2005

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