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Annoyingly loud whistle, usually blown at unnecessary times by the second drum major of the marching band. Makes everyone within a ten-foot radius deaf for a minimum of two hours.
Our drum major blew her Caristle when we were reviewing the music for marching band. Practice was postponed until our hearing returned.
by OCnDT September 10, 2007
Being majorly pompous and unusually full of yourself, this word is common around the Jersey Shore. No one is sure of the origins.
The drum major at school was acting pretty seifert on Friday night. He thought he was something special.
by OCnDT June 23, 2007
The best place to be. Ever. And not Maryland, either, but "the best little town in New Jersey." Ocean City, NJ is a place where people, mainly from Philadelphia and the surrounding areas, but also from other parts of the country, spend their summer vacations. Though everyone goes home on Labor Day, Ocean City still remains the best town in South Jersey and New Jersey overall.
Where are you from?
I'm from Ocean City!
Oh, really? I have a house there!
I live there year-round, it's so awesome!
by OCnDT October 05, 2007
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