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Laugh My Fucking Ass Off Fall Off Chair Roll On Floor Piss Myself Laughing. Unbelievable hilarity has ensued, the type you'd normally experience during an episode of Family Guy.
by OCE November 02, 2003
Somebody who dresses like a chav and acts all "'ard" despite being about four inches tall.

They generally travel in medium sized groups, occasionally trailing about twenty yards behind their mother.
God damn chavlets are stupid.
by OCE April 22, 2004
Basically meaning "Kick ass", but according to its originator, a cross between waxy and sexy; exactly what a cross between waxiness and sexiness would produce was never adequately explained.
The new Unreal Tournament game looks pretty god damn wexxy.
by OCE November 02, 2003
Ownage at the hands of a clan.
by OCE November 02, 2003
Simplest form, someone who has mad skillz in the field of mad skillz.
You have mad mad skillz skills. I salute you.
by OCE November 02, 2003
1. Referring to a person as someone who is undermining and unpleasant, most commonly used against young people.
"You know him?"

"Yeah. What a bumcake."
by Oce June 15, 2006
L33tspeak variant of "Test".
Originated in the 112th Clan forums and spread to mine. Spoken entirely at random, or when testing your new signature/rank.
New sig! T00st!
by OCE October 27, 2003

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