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Short for "gonads", a girl's balls (didn't know we've got some too, didja?) or some dudes testicles. In other words, my two best friends.
Hi, I'm (name). And before you ask, yes, I do have name for my nads. The left one is Akiyama Ishida and the right one is Yoshihiru Suzuki. If you gents are lucky you just might get to meet the both of them.
by O.o Times Are Tough o.O April 26, 2008
Culinary equivalent of horseraddish, an explosively spicy Japanese condiment.
It's also the cure for infection by the Medusoid Mycellium (deadly mushrooms), didn't you know? You can find a plethora of the Mycellium in the Gorgonian Grotto (aka the Grim Grotto) if you're like Count Olaf, hoping to use them as a volitile weapon to attempt to conquer all that is good and noble. Beware, they wax and wane by the hour.
Count Olaf: Hahaha you orphan brats, I've poisoned your stupid chef-baby with the Medusoid Mycellium! Now it will die and I will soon get my icky poo poo hands on the Baudelaire fortune!!! (exeunt)

Klaus and Violet: We have no horseraddish to save Sunny! Oh no!

Sunny: *coff* *cofff* Wasabi *coff*
Klaus and Violet: Of course! Wasabi!
by O.o Times Are Tough o.O April 26, 2008
Ultra feminist, one of those die hard man haters who holds out not only for sexual equality but the sexual supremacy and revenge we deserve. One who knows the truth that males deserve absolutely no forgiveness, what with their stubborn refusal to reform their twisted, worthless lives.
feminazi: Now who's got the shitty end of the stick, eh bitch?
male : Stop it you fascist opressor! I hate you!
feminazi: Well it's about bloody time!
male : Spare me I beg of you!
feminazi: Too late for ass kissing now. *bang*
male : *dead*
by O.o Times Are Tough o.O April 26, 2008

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