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2 definitions by O.G. LOC

A state of body and mind achieved in the depths of a xanax binge. In this state the said person is pretty mellowed out, and usually has a hard time communicating.
Dude you need to chill out with those pills. Your hand is shaking, you can barely talk, you're fuckin zeed out man.
by O.G. LOC November 10, 2007
It is another word for the region. It is also an acronym for northwest Indiana. It consists of Lake County and far west Laporte County. The acronym is used to make a not so cool place sound bad ass.
Dan: I don'y know what happened to Tommy Nuggets, he seems to be MIA.
Earl: MIA? That mothafucka ain't MIA. Mothafucka is NWI. He's mobbing deep, puffin on the dro, droppin bombs and shit.
by O.G. LOC November 10, 2007