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A large community located in the Southwest part of Dallas known for being one of the rowdiest parts of the city. Oak Cliff is made up of almost entirely Blacks and Mexicans due to the so called "White Flight" period in which whites moved to the suburbs. Residents of Oak Cliff are known for their great amount of community pride. Oak Cliff received a lot of attention across the country for being the place where J.F.K's killer, Lee Harvey Oswald lived and was captured. Also known for being the place where the notorious bank robbing duo Bonnie & Clyde met and were buried. Oak Cliff today receives a lot of negative publicity due to its high crime, poverty, gang violence, murders, and its drug epidemic. Interstate 35 runs through Oak Cliff, and is one of the main suppliers of drugs found in the United States by way of Mexico and South America. Made up of many neighborhood communities, Oak Cliff is home to the famous Big T shopping plaza, Motown plaza, Wynnewood plaza, Southwest Center Mall, and the Dallas Zoo. Oak Cliff is also famous for the many hood block parties thrown throughout the area, the flashy slab car scene, and its many club hoppers. The High Schools in Oak Cliff are known for their sports and exciting band performances at games, which replicates bands such as Grambling, Southern, and Prairie View A&M. Oak Cliff has also received a lot of attention due to the song "Oak Cliff That's My Hood", which was a huge radio hit across Texas. Oak Cliff has recently received national attention for the widely popular shirts worn by many of its residents depicting the struggles they've overcome despite growing up in Oak Cliff. Overall despite the negativity associated with Oak Cliff if you ask any resident where they are from they will proudly say OAK CLIFF.
Im a hustla and whatever I got I'll sell it to ya...I'll say my hood a thousand times, I might as well spell it for ya O.A.K.C.L.I.F.F with my niggas or by myself don't bite my tongue or hold my breathe. - Young Nino(Oak Cliff)
by O.C.T December 04, 2007

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