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Oscoda is the center of the universe...or so the locals think. It is well known around the USA for being the woods party capital of Northern Michigan, and also for canceling their high school football season and earning the reputation as the "Oscoda pussies"

Many people travel to Oscoda in the summer to tube/canoe down the mighhty AuSable River. This trip includes but is not limited to getting insanely drunk, taking off your clothing, and jumping off bridges into shallow water. Most people who have done the trip come back for round 2.

The town as a whole though is basically a housing unit for the very old people that still have money in this economy, and to a very large and idiotic drug abusing society. If you think your in the wrong town ask someone where you can go to buy a Xanax, and if they sell you one, your in the right town.
by O-town Lover September 09, 2011

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