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One of the most dangerous swedish ghettos. Located in the northwest parts of Linköping.
The west parts of this rough neighbourhood is mainly inhabited by white trash and social misfits, while the east side is where the immigrants live. There are lots of national backgrounds represented, but most are from the Middle East, Bosnia and Africa.

Robbings, shootings, rapes and arsons occur on a daily basis and if you want to leave your home without risking death, you better bring that 9mm.
When sumthin happens in Skäggetorp, nothing happens. Itz jus' another nigga dead. - Sum Rapper
by O-Dog January 07, 2005
weed, marijuana, ganja, herb, grass, trees, cannibus
damn, i hope they brought the cheeb, man
by o-dog June 08, 2003
nasty, gnarly
dude, that guy's face is narr
by o-dog May 26, 2003
wooooorrrrdddd, weeeeeerrddddd, and wuuuuuuurrrddd
are we cool? palabra, man
by o-dog May 26, 2003
if u got nooks then u got a nut
yo playa did u get your nooks last night. yeh i fucked that bitch.
by O-Dog August 11, 2003

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