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A school in the San Joaquin Central Valley that is long understood as one of the worst schools in California. It busses in kids from the local towns too small to have their own schools such as San Joaquin, Helm, and Cantua Creek. Along with having a new under-qualified principal every year it also has a corrupt school board. It also is nearly all mexican-american and is overrun with poser emos , and Fresno Bulldogs gang members who would shit their pants in a real gang fight such as those in Fresno. Most kids end up either pregnant, drug addicted, or join a gang. Around 80 percent chance of attending and failing at Fresno City College.
Mom: "Kids since we are moving to Helm I'm enrolling you in Tranquillity High School

by O-B-City April 13, 2010
When you become addicted to constantly reloading your gun in a FPS such as Halo or Call of Duty. This may lead to a otherwise winning battle or match.
Chuck: Dude!! You're totally pwning that guy you're friggin awesome!
Larry: Shit I need to reload.
Chuck: ...WTF you only fired 3 bullets WHY FUCKIN RELOAD!
Larry: I had to what if i was 3 bullets away from killing the guy and died! How embarrassing would that be !
Chuck: Guess we won't know now you fucking reloadaholic!
by O-B-City May 15, 2010

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