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The true definition of what Pelecas means is to be; "The Greatest".

Only a few people are Pelecas.

Those that are Pelecas can be found scattered across this great world.

Pelecas was also known in Greece as the greatest family to bestow its greatness upon the world.

Being Pelecas is hard, but worth it.
"Hey, ever met Nelson?... He's so f'ing Pelecas!"
#pelekas #portuguese #portugal #nelson #pelecas
by O Melhor April 19, 2008
A blount of ganja that surpasses anything that one has ever rolled before. If that one blount gets passed in a group, than it is a flugen.
Hey man, pass me that flugen, it's huge!
#flugen #blount #tom cruise #jerk #ganja
by O Melhor April 20, 2008
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