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As mentioned in entry thirty-five, most furries are people who have gained a sort of insanity and are far too erotic. There are very, very few furries who are truly respective toward the animal. Sadly, those few people sink deeper into furrydom and and eventually start adding some erotic moments into their stories, as well as drawing pictures of furries with less and less clothing and more and more focus on the human bodyparts. Many furries who are still capable of being social are more often than not rude, pay little attention, defend themselves with poor arguments, and are friends with stuck-up people who force a trait onto themselves, such as being cute or noble when they are actually nasty and insulting. Some furries, however, truly are fans simply because they like the concept of animals reaching the stage of evolution that humans have reached, mainly because they wish to speak with and befriend animals or get to know their pets better. These furries can put aside their liking of animals and be kind, social, human people.
San-Renard is a strange furry. On one hand, he likes them simply because they are cute. On the other hand, he has made some greatly disturbing furry porn.

True furries, not the sick freaks, have very little, if not non-existant, erotic moments in their stories and despise the horrid pictures of furries on the web.
by O'Reily October 12, 2005

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