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A derogatory term originating from the word nigger.

n. label of a cheap, dishonest, or traitorous person, or a person of any race who acts in ways in which characterize the African-American steriotype.

v. to cheat, back-stabb, or screw over.
Fisher is so nig that he collects gas money even though his dad pays for it.

That kid with the spoke rims is so nig.

Fisher just nigged me out of ten bucks
by O'Doyle March 21, 2005
Family of bullies originating from the Adam Sandler movie, Billy Madison. O'Doyle has gained respect over the years and for some has become more than a person. He is an idol, a mentor, and an alter-ego.
You ruled like O'Doyle downing that bottle of Jack.
by O'Doyle April 05, 2005
1. v. to succede, dominate, or do exceptionally.
2. v. to be better than the rest.
I ruled over that man who's ass I kicked.

O'Doyle rules.
by O'Doyle April 05, 2005
n. Racial slur for Middle-Eastern person which includes Arab, Irano-Afgan, and Asian Indian peoples. It referres to the turban (towel on the head) commonly worn throughout the Middle-East, among both Muslims and Hindus.
That brown guy's a rag-head.
by O'Doyle April 05, 2005
An alcoholic beverage created by simply adding any type of hard liquor (usually vodka) to any sized bottle of gatorade. It was created by and is consumed by classless underaged drinkers who don't know how to party.
We should make fadorade because all Fisher has to mix with is Gatorade
by O'Doyle April 05, 2005
ITS a guy in new mexico who has a fucked up life. He felt up michelle atencio in tutoring. He sounds like a duck. when he wanks off he leaves the stuff on his balls and chest. He had fone sex with an 13 year old in Chads closet.
QUACK QUACK aka smief
by O'Doyle November 06, 2004
When a girl is having a baby and she takes a huge dump
Smiefs mom had a boston bean shooter when he was born.
by O'Doyle November 06, 2004
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