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Verb; The dance including spreading your legs, bending your knees, shaking, and kicking that a man does when his genitalia adhere(stick) to his leg, and does not want to get noticed by nearby parties while detaching said genital. Men who do this dance usually feel like they've gotten away with something, but they usually attract more attention than they would have if they had done the deed with their hand without spasming.
Chris: hey patty.
Patty: hey.
Chris: wow, do you see josh over there?
Patty: Yeah, he looks like he's really enjoying the music!
Chris: Thats what he wants you to think, hes actually at mid Elvis Presley. Every guy here knows what he is up to.
by O'Bouhillae March 26, 2009
most unnecessarily hated mp3 player ever, even though its the only one that you can check your email and surf the web with. you pay for quality and if you dont want to pay for cool features, don't. go buy a zen that can't do all of those things. no software is quite as simple as ipod though, although the music is expensive for people who are too stupid to put music on itunes from limewire.
john:i fucking hate ipods, they are so gay.
me: what do you have?
John: a zen, it was half the price and its cool!
me: oh, what does it do?
John: oh, i can listen to music and online radio.
me: oh really? me too, but at the same time i can also email all my other friends with ipods on my full keyboard touchscreen while i play awesome games that you dont have on your zen.
John: oh shit, you can do a lot of shit that i can't.
me: i know. because i have an ipod and not a zen.
John. i need an ipod.
me: exactly.
by O'bouhillae October 07, 2009

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