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The weekday Q&A guy from RPGamer. Famous for his lengthy columns, and utter hate towards Rhapsody. Overall a good guy. Friends with tui. Great schemer.
"Cast is the weekday Q&A guy"
by O' Shrouded One November 30, 2003
This is where souls go after they leave the body. Souls from humans, plants, and animals are included in this. After being in the Lifestream, a soul will be reborn into another form.
FFVII's form of "Gaia"
Known as the "Cycle of Souls" in FFIX
by O' Shrouded One February 17, 2004
Sabin1001 let it live on Sunday
by O' Shrouded One February 10, 2004
The weekend Q&A "person" at RPGamer. Likes slimes, keeps gender secret. Looked up to by many. S/he likes Transformers the movies, and LOVES to rant. Has own website full of rants and raves.
"I will yet capture Google!"
by O' Shrouded One November 30, 2003
A hot, sexy staff member at RPGamer.com He has naked pictures on the web, and people just want him. He likes to do the "tui thing". Just don't capitalize the "t"..
tui's naked
by O' Shrouded One November 29, 2003
A warrior who uses the power of dragons to attack. Wear armor with helmets that look like a dragon is consuming their face, weild javelins, lances and spears, can jump into the air to attack. (kinda like flying)
FFV-Job Class
FFIX-Freya and Fratley
FFTactics-Job Class
FFX- Kimahri
Chrono Cross-soldiers under General Viper
by O' Shrouded One December 08, 2003
Poor, terrible english speaking individuals that think putting tinfoil in the teeth is good, or that talking like a 12 year old makes them manly. Have a large tendency to make fun of other people because of the fact that they like other things or are not homophobic like themselves. Usually very stupid, does terrible in class because they want to show off, eat at McDonalds every night, wear stupid things on their heads, and think that wearing 50 different silver trinkets around their necks make them deserve respect. Speaking of respect, they have LITTLE, especially towards people who ignore them for such obvious reasons. Sadly enough, they think that commiting crimes, having a gun, and getting as much STD's as possible on a given night are all deserving of respect from everybody else in the world... Beat up on people who escaped the "hood" that are trying to live a normal life out of poverty and hate, and trying to forget their terrible upbringings. Blame slavery on white people to today's problems. Oh and I come from the city and know a lot of these people, so don't think that I don't know anything..I know more than you.
2pac- who is DEAD, anyone who promotes violence should be dead
Eminem- wigger, tries to kill his wife, and people respect him -_- unfortunetly. Deserves to be thrown in jail
all rappers- self-explanitory, use the definition to a "t".
by O' Shrouded One November 30, 2003

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