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In an MMO, the refusal on the part of the cleric/healer to heal someone that consistently screws up.

Also see: Law of Meatshield Apathy, and Law of Crowd Control Apathy.
The warlock that kept breaking CC became the victim of Biffskippy's Law of Clerical Apathy.

The rogue that only cared about his dps, and continually grabbed aggro from the tank became the victim of Biffskippy's Law of Clerical Apathy
by Nzoe February 02, 2011
Adverb: Belittling the speaker by attacking their argument
That wasn't an Ad Hominem fallacy, he clearly attacked the arguments in a fashion that embarrassed the speaker; that's Quad Hominem!
by Nzoe May 09, 2011

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