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1.An islamically prescribed way of dress in which a woman must cover herself at least from her shoulders to her knees in loose fitting clothing that isn't sheer. At best she covers her body with the exception of her face and hands. The clothing can be as stylish as she wants it to be or as drab and unstylish as she wants it to be. She can wear silk, or any other fabric and follow anystyle as long as it stays within these bounds.

2. Hijab is not meant to oppress a woman but it is meant to protect and distinguish her. By dressing like this she is showing respect for her self and her religion and is given respect.

3. A hijabi woman never looks like a ho or a prostitute, because she is covering what aught to be private.

4) Some women refer to her head covering alone, or khimar as hijab.

5) The islamic dress code for muslim women.

6) The way most self respecting women dress.
"Which hijab do you think I should wear today, the beaded or the plain, striped or embroidered?"

"Nzinga stays wearin flyy hijab to the mosque. Damn! She looks so nice that augta be haram." (But it ain't!)
by Nzinga K October 09, 2006
A muslim woman who is cool and knows how to socialize. She's on her game and keeps it moving and dresses well. An educated muslim woman in her 20's who's making a difference. My homegirls.
"Ya'll muslimas wanna go for brunch?" "Sure I miss my flyy muslimas." "See you at 1."
by Nzinga K October 09, 2006
1.A word ussually used by inner city muslims to describe someone who is still practicing islam, ie; praying 5x's a day, fasting, going to the mosque and avoiding big sins (illicit sex, crimes etc.)

2. Some one who is still striving to be a good muslim.

3. Someone can be "back on the deen". Meaning they fell off for a while and are now trying to stop their foolishness and be a good muslim ie. pray, fast, and leave that woman alone that ain't their wife (if it's gotten that far.)

3. Being righteous, in a good, god-fearing way.
"Yo brother you alright?- cause I heard about how you was going through some things lately." "Yeah Aaq! I'm aaight now. You know it's hard out here for a bro. But I'm still deenin.... Catch you latar."
"Salam alaikum" "Wa laikum salam".
by Nzinga K October 10, 2006
tremendously, more than you expected, allot.
"I hoped you get paid majorly"
by Nzinga K October 09, 2006
A piece of cloth that is drawn over the head and covers the bosom, Ussualy refered to by muslims.
Have you seen my tan khimar, I think it would go well with this out fit
by Nzinga K October 09, 2006
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