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1 definition by NyuIsHappy

Someone with a personality trait so annoying they're painful to socialize. This category may include but is not limited to:

- Someone so thick that you have to explain and re-explain simple concepts to them, such as man that describes themself as a petrolhead but doesn't know the difference between a fuse and a spark plug even though his girlfriend has explained it to him twice now.
- Someone who constantly ask advice on the same personal problem over and over again, then chooses to ignore you advice and do their own thing only to ask for more advice on the same issue 2 days later.
- Someone who never ever stop being a failtroll, online or offline, because they think they're some sort of supertrolll.
Person 1: "The annoying thing about Cipher is that not only is he a failtroll, he has the exact same IRL personality when he's drunk."
Person 2: "How do you mean?"
Person 1: "Well, for example he thinks hanging out my car window while yelling 'dongs' at the top of his lungs is hilarious."
Person 2: "What a punish."
by NyuIsHappy May 06, 2011